Stay at Home Date Night Meals with Barbecue at Home

If you’re tired of searching for “date night restaurants near me” and are in need of stay at home date night ideas, then you’re in luck. Barbecue at Home has a perfect Date Night Box that is made especially for you and a special someone to enjoy a nice night at home together. Here at Barbecue at Home, we try to make it simple to enjoy a romantic date night meal without the hassle of leaving your home, finding parking, and overspending at a restaurant that might not cook your food the way you love. Our Date Night Box has everything that you need to create an intimate dinner where you want it and how you want it, delivered right to your door.


A fan of the Date Night Box, Meagan Bishop (@ProseccoAndPineapple) says “Garrett and I love to cook together and create a great night from our own kitchen!” She was able to create a wonderfully delicious dinner with the Barbecue at Home Date Night Box and she has been wonderful enough to share it with us! So, real quick: let’s get into the Box itself. We really try to make things as easy as possible to create a perfect night at home so we provide the following in our Date Night Box:

1 Beer Cheese Kielbasa Smoke Sausage, 1 order of Smoked Brisket Burnt Ends, 2 New York Strip Steaks, 1 order of Scalloped Potatoes, 1 order of Creamed Spinach, 1 shaker of Jalapeno Rosemary Steak Seasoning, and 2 NY-style Cheesecakes. The best part of the date night box: we deliver it right to you! Whether you live in on the west coast or east coast like Meagan and her beautiful family, we’ll deliver premium, restaurant quality items to your door.


Let’s talk about steaks

Some people enjoy the classic salt and pepper on their steaks before a good sear. Some like to have a high heat sear on their steak with basic seasoning, followed by a low temp basting of butter with rosemary, thyme, and roasted garlic. Meagan enjoys cooking her NY Strips with her Barbecue at Home Rosemary Jalapeno Rub but you can enjoy your steaks with any seasoning that you love. If you need some culinary inspiration, check out our blog on How to Cook The Perfect Steak. If you already know what kind of seasonings you love on your steak, maybe you can up your game and learn how to reverse sear your steak to get that perfect crust on your tender cut that everyone aims for.


If you have a favorite side dish, absolutely add it to the Date Night Box contents to create your perfect date night meal at home. You can take Meagan’s lead and add some family favorites of your own. For her family, green beans are a favorite that go great with the Date Night Box items. Like asparagus with your steak? No problem, whip some up to have with your delicious proteins that are included. For some inspiration to create your own intimate dinner, check out the amazing meal that Meagan (@ProseccoAndPineapple) created with her husband, Garrett.

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Date Night Box with @ProseccoAndPineapple

Admittedly, there is a LOT of food in the Date Night Box, which we don’t think is a bad thing! Meagan was able to save some of her items that were shipped in her Date Night Box for additional stay-at-home dinners. That’s the beauty of our boxes, they come to your frozen, so you don’t have to worry about cooking the items immediately. Save them for another night and stretch out the easy date night meals at home throughout the week. Add in your favorite side dishes to really make it a custom dinner with all your favorites!


Other options for you at Barbecue at Home include adding some of our other dishes to complete your meal. You can order any of our meats and side dishes to make a quick weekday meal or a weekend family feast! A perfect combo that we’re sure you’ll enjoy: Chicken thighs and Scalloped Potatoes. This simple yet delicious combo is a favorite for dinner time for the Bishop family.

chicken thighs, scalloped potatoes, barbecue at home, date night meals

Chicken Thighs and Scalloped Potatoes with @ProseccoAndPineapple

If you are looking for more culinary inspiration, you can check out our Pit Master’s Blog or follow Meagan Bishop @ProseccoAndPineapple Instagram or @Prosecco and Pineapple Pinterest. You can also check out some of our how-to videos and Pit Master Guides on our YouTube Channel. Want to be featured on Barbecue At Home? Choose from any of our items or featured boxes to be delivered to your door, try out our recipes, and share the amazing dishes you create with us! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook! #athomepitmaster

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