Serve Up The Best Cajun Sausage Pasta Recipe

Jump on the Cajun Trend Train! Creamy Cajun Sausage Pasta is a quick and easy recipe that you can make any day of the week. This busy family dinner idea satisfies all those Cajun Sausage pasta cravings that you might have without costing you too much time, effort, or money. This recipe is full of spices, full-flavored sausage, and creamy deliciousness. What’s the secret to make this Cajun Sausage Pasta Tasty? Well, this is a Cajun Sausage Pasta with Cream Cheese! This is one of the many easy weeknight dinners for families that Barbecue at Home is going to post so that you can become a master chef in the kitchen every day of the week!


Ingredient For The Best Cajun Sausage Pasta

Optional Ingredients:

  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Grated Parmesan

You can customize this recipe however you like but we recommend using Dickey’s Original Smoke Sausage that was created with the Dickey family recipe of select meats and special spices that create this traditional polish smoked sausage (kielbasa). We’ve perfected this delicious sausage over decades of meat smoking experience so you can trust that you’ll be getting quality in every bite. We’ve created this savory blend of spices with a touch of heat that you can grill and serve up from your own kitchen. Order one today or order a box since we know that these sausages can be used in various recipes. Don’t forget, we’ll ship right to your door! We also recommend using Dickey’s Original Caribbean Chipotle Rub. Not only does it add a lovely heat to this Cajun Pasta recipe, but it versatile enough to use in a plethora of busy family dinner meals. Our Caribbean Chipotle rub is a sweet blend that caramelizes with heat and enhances your favorite dishes. Spice up really any dish that you can think of using this rub and bring the heat to your table!


How Spicy is this Cajun Pasta Recipe?

Well, it’s moderately spicy. For those who are not familiar with the spicy life, this Cajun Sausage Pasta recipe might be just a little intense for you. If you’ve ever had some classic Mexican guacamole or some stuffed jalapeño poppers, I think you’ll be able to handle this spice just fine! The heat really comes from the Dickey’s Caribbean Chipotle Rub, so if you want it a little less spicy, just add a little less of the rub. Also, to keep in mind, the cream cheese in this recipe does break up a little bit of the spice. Our tip to you: Taste and Season as you go. You can always ADD seasoning but it’s a little tougher to kill the heat in a recipe after the fact. This Cajun Sausage Pasta recipe can literally be as spicy or not spicy as you like so just really go for it and experiment with your heat levels!


Which Shape of Pasta To Use in your Cajun Sausage Pasta?

Totally up to you! Some people like penne in their Cajun pasta while others are partial to linguine. Really any shape that you love will work in this Cajun Pasta Recipe so you don’t have to worry about going wrong with your pasta choice.


Cajun Sausage Pasta Recipe Pro Tips:

  • Brown Your Kielbasa (Smoked Sausage) and save grease from the pan to add flavors to veggies
  • Use cream cheese to add slight sweetness and thicken your sauce
  • Use Dickey’s Caribbean Chipotle Rub to add spice and compliment the sweetness of the cream cheese
  • Reserve a little pasta water for your sauce to help thicken as well. The starch in the pasta water will help bind your sauce to the pasta.


We hope that you’ll enjoy this Cajun Sausage Pasta Recipe at home and hopefully you enjoyed our video! For more tips and tricks, visit our Pit Master Blog! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get more trending topics of the Pit Master world with new videos consistently coming out that will help you become the Pit Boss of your backyard! We’d love to see your recipes and tricks of the trade, so feel free to post and tag us on Facebook or Instagram! #athomepitmaster

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