Smoked Tomato Soup Recipe

Smoked tomato soup recipe

Why settle for the store-bought stuff when you can make it yourself? You know what I’m talking about!

Even a baby could tell the difference between homemade and store bought. Skip the grocery run and let’s save the cold nights together with this Smoked Tomato Soup recipe.

This isn’t your average tomato soup can recipe. Once you follow along, you’ll accomplish a creamy and comforting bisque with real tomato flavors that can’t be imitated. Tomato soup is a year-round staple. You can enjoy it in the winter nights or summer days after you need to hit the reset button.

Imagine this: the winter air hits your face as you take a stroll in the park, and you leave with a runny nose and cold hands. The only acceptable thing to do to warm your soul is to make this easy tomato soup recipe. That’s the best part! This recipe is made with simple ingredients that will hug your tastebuds with smokey, rich flavors.

This soup really does have simple ingredients – and they’re probably laying around your house! All you need is ripe tomatoes, olive oil, sweet onion, garlic, butter, basil, chicken stock, heavy cream, and S&P. You can’t tell me you don’t already have some of those ingredients lying around right now!

This is the best tomato soup recipe, and we take it a step further by first smoking the tomatoes. Smoking the tomatoes adds that extra bit of smokey and hearty that pairs well with the other fresh ingredients.

Once you’re done, all that’s left to do is enjoy with a classic grilled cheese sandwich or another crispy bread.

Everyone enjoys this creamy soup. It’s also a delicious way to prepare a vegetarian friendly meal!

So what are you waiting for?

Start smoking those tomatoes now and whip up the best smoked tomato soup recipe!

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