Smoked Prime Rib - Reverse Sear Recipe

Smoked prime rib – Reverse Sear Recipe

Wondering how to smoke a prime rib?

We’ll do you one better by showing you how to make a show stopping beef dish everyone will be drooling over.

It’s well known that smoked prime rib is a delicacy among holiday meals. That is, only if you cook it right.

With intense pressure like that, we present to you the perfect Smoked Prime Rib Recipe. Oh! Did we mention that you’ll be doing a reverse sear?

Contrary to belief, this exquisite dish is moderately easy to make.

Just follow our step by step guide made by our professional chefs here at Barbecue at Home and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

With this reverse sear prime rib technique, you should have everyone’s tastebuds in the bag. When you’re done, get ready to slice into a perfectly pink roast.

You’ll be shocked to learn that this incredibly delicious meal that everyone yearns for only includes three ingredients: Prime rib, extra virgin olive oil, and Dickey’s Beef brisket rub.

  • Prep the prime rib with olive oil and Dickey’s rub, then let the magic begin.
  • Once the Prime rib has done its time in the smoker and is al dente, the next step is to sear the exterior. You want to be careful during this step and make sure not to burn the outside, but just caramelize it enough to seal in all the natural flavor.
  • Sprinkle with a little more Rub just prior to serving to your awestruck guests.

The result: A super tender, melt in your mouth smoked prime rib that barely requires a knife. It’s like cutting into butter!

This dish takes some time, 8 hours in fact. But, it will all be worth it once you sink you teeth into the tender goodness that awaits you.

If you want to take this smoked prime rib recipe up a notch, try pairing it with any of our easy-to-follow side dishes from Barbecue at Home.

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