How Do You Pick A Good Steak: NY Strip Vs Ribeye

I’m assuming that if you’re on a plant-based diet, you wouldn’t enjoy the simple enjoyment of a delicious steak. So… vegetarians need not read further because this piece is all about the deliciousness that is steak. I don’t know about you, but I rather enjoy a nice cut of juicy steak. From watching videos of a man in a white t-shirt salting a tomahawk with shades on, to preparing a nice cut of beef to grill in my backyard myself - the love for a good steak runs deep.

A couple of favorite cuts for me are the NY Strip and the Ribeye. Which one is better you ask? The answer is simple: it depends. If you’re looking for a leaner cut of meat, the NY strip is your cut. If you like a nice marbling, then the Ribeye should be your go-to cut. Continue reading to learn more about the difference between the NY Strip and the Ribeye.

New York Strip

The strip steak is known by a few different names. Whether you call it the New York Strip, strip loin, Omaha strip, or the ambassador steak, one thing is for sure: this steak is tasty! The NY Strip is most commonly named because of its initial popularity in great New York steakhouses, making the cut so popular. This people’s choice cut of beef has a bold, beefy flavor that will leave you not caring what it’s called by anyone else because you’ll be calling it delicious.

The NY Strip has a bold flavor with medium texture. The bold, beefy notes provide this cut with intense flavor; however, it is worth noting that it is not the most tender cuts of steak. For this reason, it is a fan favorite for some. Some people love to bite down into a steak that makes for a solid chew. Despite being on the leaner side of steak cuts, there is still some solid marbling in this cut that creates a robust flavor and makes for a delicious eating experience.  

When purchasing a NY Strip, you want to make sure that it has been cut properly. There shouldn’t be a long tail of fat on the end. If it isn’t right, have the butcher cut it again because you’d just be paying for straight fat that isn’t going to render into the meat and give it additional flavor like what proper fat should do. Look for a webbing of fat within the steak, that is the fat that is going to cook down and naturally flavor your meat.  

Rib Eye

Rib Eye steaks are amazingly marbled and insanely delicious. They are cut from the major muscle linked to the cow’s back. The most distinguishing feature of this cut is the strip of fat that is on the top along with the flecks of fat that can be found throughout the steak. This cut is quite soft (adding to its deliciousness) because it is part of the muscle that is not heavily exercised.  

It is quite subjective when purchasing a Ribeye. It comes down to individual preference. Ribeye steaks are lined with more fat than its NY strip counterpart in this piece. The marbled fat gives them their well-known meaty flavor. This is for the steak lover who enjoys more of a tender chew and additional fat. Additionally, because of the intense meaty flavor of the ribeye, the most common order for this cut is medium-rare.

A couple of tips when picking your ribeye: look for thickness and fat. Your steak should be 1 to 2 inches because thin cuts are going to grill too fast. So, look for a thick cut of steak, always! You’ll also want to look for that naturally marbling (flecks of white fat throughout the steak) that is going to get the fat to naturally flavor your steak while cooking. In addition to the fat that you’re looking for, you want to find the money muscle at the top of the steak: the spinalis. Pro tip: when you do end up getting a smaller or thinner piece, get it with the bone still in. This will slow down the cooking process.

If you’re a vegetarian that has read this far and you’re not wanting to immediately abandon those values for an awesome piece of NY strip or Ribeye fresh off the grill… well.. that seems like a big miss steak to me. Now if you are wanting to throw a steak onto a grill right now, then we’ve got your back! We at Barbecue At Home want you to become your very own Pit Boss of your backyard so check out our channel to help you get there! Learn more about choosing the perfect steak, get tips for seasoning a great piece of meat, and more!

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